• Tour Result 2017

    Portugal 2017. Newly Crowned Champion - Tim McNamara. Tim won in style after showing good form prior to tour (having a month off work helped!). Great finishing to win though with an up and down on the last.
  • Winning Shot 2014

    Winning Shot 2014

    Lawrence Davis - 2014. What a 5 iron on the 18th from Lawro!
  • Tour Result 2016

    Carnoustie 2016. Newly crowned Champion - Chris Matthews. Chris played well to win in Carnoustie
  • The 1st at the Glen, North Berwick

    The 1st at the Glen, North Berwick

    A view looking back towards the clubhouse and North Berwick from the green on the 1st at the Glen in North Berwick
  • Best Tour Selfie

    Best Tour Selfie

    The prize of the best tour selfie goes to Tom. No selfie stick required for this one.
  • Dave Fitzmaurice with Trophy

    Dave Fitzmaurice with Trophy

    Dave standing on the beach celebrating his wire to wire victory in the 40mph winds of the Glen in North Berwick
  • Tour Result 2015

    North Berwick 2015. Newly crowned Champion - Dave Fitzmaurice. Dave took apart the field to register his first tour victory in North Berwick, Scotland.
  • Founding Fathers

    The Founding Fathers Committee has been formed! The power base is now agreed. While in Telford it was agreed how future tours will be organised and how the final list of tour attendees will be chosen. If you need to know more, ask Matt.

The tour visited Portugal in 2017.

Friday 18 May

  • 8am Manchester flight 9am arrive Dublin Airport - Minibus transfer to Wicklow GC
  • Tom – leaves at 10am/arrives 10.45
  • 12 noon Arrive at Wicklow GC - change and O’Club sandwich lunch
  • Tom – meet you in the clubhouse
  • 2pm Tee off at Wicklow GC (3 tee times reserved) http://www.wicklowgolfclub.ie/ Looks like a nice gentle-ish course to allow us all to get into things
  • 8pm Minibus to Wicklow. Table for 10 booked at Phil Healey’s Pub and The Bridge Tavern for 8.30pm. We can decide which one on the day. http://www.bridgetavern.ie/

Saturday 19 May

  • 9am Minibus transfer to Brittas Bay. Take your dancing outfit for the evening! Takes about 20 minutes
  • 10.30am Tee off at The European GC (3 tee times reserved) http://www.theeuropeanclub.com/. 5th best golf course in Ireland and many people’s favourite course of all time
  • 5.30pm Minibus transfer from The European to Mickey Finn’s, Redcross Leave clubs overnight in pro shop
  • 6pm Wicklow Brewery tasting followed by dinner at 7pm. There will then be the “Hooley in the Brewery” – complete with live Cuban (?) band! http://www.wicklowbrewery.ie/brewery/hooley.html
  • Midnight Minibus to Bridge Tavern

Sunday 20 May

  • First thing CHECK OUT - Take all your stuff with you – clubs will be at the course from the day before
  • 9am Minibus transfer to Brittas Bay
  • 10.20am Tee off at The European GC (3 tee times reserved)
  • 5pm Minibus transfer to Dublin via Wicklow
  • Tom – flight leaves Dublin at 4.45 6pm Arrive Dublin Airport – present shopping and/or soothing Diet Guinness
  • 8.30pm Dublin flight
  • 9.30pm arrive Manchester

Here are the historic winners of the First Friday (previously No Name Cup) golf tour.

2017 Portugal Tim McNamara
2016 Carnoustie, Scotland Chris Matthews
2015 North Berwick, Scotland Dave Fitzmaurice
2014 San Lorenzo, Portugal Lawrence Davis
2013 St Andrews, Scotland Matthew Morgan
2012 Gleneagles, Scotland Chris Matthews
2011 North Berwick, Scotland Ben Morgan
2010 St Andrews, Scotland Matthew Morgan
2009 North Wales Ben Morgan
2008 Hawkstone Park, Shropshire John Walsh
2007 Durham Martin Griffiths
2006 North Berwick, Scotland Matthew Morgan
2005 Hawkstone Park, Shropshire Martin Griffiths

Here are the official tour handicaps with recent updates from the last Handicap Committee meeting

NameHandicapCommittee Meeting Minutes
Matthew Morgan 7 Officially recognised from Ringway - no change
Ben Morgan 8 Officially recognised from Ringway - no change
Chris Matthews 8 Finally fessed up to a proper handicap
Tom Brooke 10 Legit although hinting at asking for an increase?
Tim McNamara 12 With that backswing, he is OK at 12. Although he won last year he has had lots of nappies to change this year
Dave Fitzmaurice 14 Has bumped it up just before tour to 13.5 but legit
John Walsh 14 Would prefer 16 but let’s see how he goes in the first round
Lawrence Davis 14 14 seems sensible although no idea as to form at the moment
Adam Harris 15 Officially recognised from Ringway and coming down
Paul O'Mahoney 24 Not official and not a bad golfer. Under close observation especially after winning the Tour winter event of 2017